We’ve Got You Covered: Servers Direct Warranty Options

Your peace of mind is important. That’s why every server, storage product and solution we sell comes with a standard warranty, and we provide a no-cost warranty with each computer configuration. You can also add additional warranty coverages to the standard warranties for extra protection.

We offer three warranty options:

EQCare Server

Your Server and Storage systems deserve our highest priority because your customers and your business depend on them. With our EQCare Server service, you gain access to round the clock Customer Support and our fastest shipping options. Upon contact, Servers Direct Customer Support will assist in determining the root cause of your incident.


  • 24x7x365 Servers Direct Customer Support (including holidays)
  • 4-hour Anytime Response to talk to Servers Direct Customer Support
  • Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Depot repair services with ten-day SLA turnaround
  • Next Business Day Advanced cross-ship of field replaceable components

EQCare Plus

When your system is serviced by a certified Servers Direct technician, you can be confident the work was completed to our industry-leading standards. EQCare Plus includes access to a certified Servers Direct technician who will travel to your registered location and provide direct assistance with the repair of the covered hardware. This service is an upgrade to your existing EQCare Server service.


  • NBD dispatch of On-Site Service Technician
  • On-Site Service Technician arrives on-site at your registered location
  • On-Site Service Technician is trained and certified for Servers Direct system repair
  • On-Site Service Technician installs components, performs repairs, and tests functionality

EQCare Flex KYD

Servers Direct understands that you may need to retain your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) when replacing it. Sensitive data storage devices often require a higher degree of security, including control over their accessibility and disposal. Typically,
to qualify for replacement, a failed drive must first be returned to Servers Direct. With EQCare Flex KYD, you are provided a replacement drive for the covered system and the freedom to keep the failed drive within your secure business environment.


  • Ability to keep your failed HDD/SSD within your secure environment
  • Provides replacement HDD/SSD within your system’s support service term

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