Embedded Servers Designed for Every Use Case

Embedded servers are the lifeblood of embedded applications, IoT, and the intelligent edge. This hardware powers a surprisingly diverse set of applications, from vending machines to airplanes. The Servers Direct team is skilled in creating custom embedded servers that leverage technology from Intel®, Supermicro, Nano, Atom®, and more. As a member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance and a participant in the International Society of Automation, we can help you innovate.


Quality Workmanship

Our configuration techs follow ISO 9001:2015 certified processes and strict QA standards to produce custom solutions with consistent quality results.


Expert Tech Support

Our experienced technology experts can help you design the best solution to meet your requirements for performance, cost of ownership, lifecycle management, and ROI.


World-Class Service

Our customers receive prompt, knowledgeable after-sales support from qualified technicians located in our U.S.-based call centers.


Outstanding Value

We deliver advanced, high-quality custom systems at lower prices, with short lead times and the industry’s best service.

How to Choose the Right Embedded Server

In many embedded systems, organizations prioritize cost and look for a design that uses the least components. But, this needs to be balanced with performance and application optimization. In today’s market, customer experience is king, so it’s important to choose hardware that gives you the right blend of performance and value.

Supermicro embedded servers take advantage of Intel Atom® technology giving its servers a forceful combination of low-power and high-performance operation. This blend is achieved in part by the Atom® processor’s ability to leverage multithreading in conjunction with its efficient power consumption and dynamic power management.

How can you find the right server? Embedded systems tend to be more application-specific than their larger server counterparts. To find the right build, consider factors such as what jobs need to be done, power requirements, space limitations, and the type of components you may need.

Our hardware engineers can help you take your idea from prototype to reality, building a hardware platform that’s optimized for your specific application. Talk to a team member to find out how you can customize an embedded server to fit your requirements.

Embedded Servers

Supermicro’s embedded servers are designed to provide you with superior performance, whatever your application. They come in several form factors to fit your needs, including fanless and IoT gateway, compact, industrial, mini-tower, and rackmount optimized builds.

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