Harness Cloud & Virtualization Solutions for Your Enterprise

The cloud, combined with virtualization, is a powerful tool for the enterprise, government, and private sector organizations. With Supermicro’s reference architectures, organizations can quickly deploy virtual cloud applications and then dynamically scale them on demand. Additionally, they can leverage the cloud internally, publicly, or with a hybrid setup.

However, the cloud runs on data centers. Without the right technology, you won’t have the resources you need to serve your users. Servers Direct leverages industry leading Supermicro reference architectures to help its clients accelerate innovation and drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO).


Quality Workmanship

Our configuration techs follow ISO 9001:2015 certified processes and strict QA standards to produce custom solutions with consistent quality results.


Expert Tech Support

Our experienced technology experts can help you design the best solution to meet your requirements for performance, cost of ownership, lifecycle management, and ROI.


World-Class Service

Our customers receive prompt, knowledgeable after-sales support from qualified technicians located in our U.S.-based call centers.


Outstanding Value

We deliver advanced, high-quality custom systems at lower prices, with short lead times and the industry’s best service.

Which Cloud & Virtualization Solutions Are Right for You?

Cloud computing can’t exist without the data center. Granted, everyone’s definition and scale of a data center will heavily depend on their needs, but everyone needs computing power to fuel the virtual cloud. Our solutions are specifically engineered to work with popular platforms like Canonical OpenStack, Red Hat® OpenStack®, Kubernetes, and VDI.

Servers Direct provides solutions that help you scale, build your reference architecture, and leverage containers for ultimate versatility in your cloud solution. Whatever your needs, we work with you to understand your unique requirements and constraints to advise on the best possible solutions. Chat with one of our experts today.

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Supermicro Total Solution for Canonical OpenStack

Canonical OpenStack enables businesses to control large amounts of computing, storage, and networking in the data center. Supermicro’s Canonical Openstack reference architecture enables organizations to harness the reliability and security of OpenStack’s most popular platform.


Supermicro Red Hat® OpenStack® Reference Architecture

Red Hat® OpenStack® helps you better manage your cloud computing resources through virtualization. Our Red Hat® OpenStack® reference architecture helps you track costs, control resources, and keep your system compliant for a first-class virtual infrastructure.


Supermicro Kubernetes Reference Architectures

Kubernetes is an open-source platform built to help you manage containerization and its related services. Supermicro Kubernetes reference architectures make configuring and automating your system easier and give you access to a growing ecosystem with an abundance of tools and support.


Supermicro VDI Reference Architectures

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to host desktop environments from a central server or data center. This ability allows a number of remote users to access these desktops from their devices. Supermicro VDI reference architectures give organizations the best Windows 10 VDI user experience, best user density, predictable performance, and more.

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