Supermicro Reference Architectures Built for 5G & IoT Edge Computing

5G technology enhanced by edge computing will change our experience with data as we know it. Drastically improved wireless speeds pave the way for connected cars, smart roads, enhanced broadband in metro and rural areas, and more medical telepresence opportunities. And these are only a few of the areas 5G IoT technology will impact.

To unlock the potential of 5G and edge computing, organizations need robust infrastructure. Supermicro reference architectures can help you build robust server solutions to power your 5G and IoT Edge applications. Our reference architecture helps you apply industry best practices and achieve optimal delivery.

Quality Workmanship

Our configuration techs follow ISO 9001:2015 certified processes and strict QA standards to produce custom solutions with consistent quality results.

Expert Tech Support

Our experienced technology experts can help you design the best solution to meet your requirements for performance, cost of ownership, lifecycle management, and ROI.

World-Class Service

Our customers receive prompt, knowledgeable after-sales support from qualified technicians located in our U.S.-based call centers.

Outstanding Value

We deliver advanced, high-quality custom systems at lower prices, with short lead times and the industry’s best service.

Which 5G, Edge Computing, and IoT Solutions Are Right for You

Edge computing improves latency by processing data closer to the source. In this way, it helps industrial and enterprise businesses improve operational efficiency, performance, and automation while keeping their applications in an “always-on” state. Servers Direct partners with Supermicro to provide you with reference architectures built for the edge.

Our Supermicro reference architecture solutions are designed to support data center, cloud computing, virtualized RAN, edge computing, customer premises, and IoT applications. Leverage resource-saving architecture and high-performance servers to power your 5G and IoT Edge computing needs.

5G, Edge Computing, And IoT Solutions

Supermicro 5G

As data requirements increase due to advances in IoT, smart devices, remote work, and other data-heavy applications, the need for low latency solutions has become apparent. 5G provides organizations and consumers with speeds up to 20 times faster than its predecessor, 4G, paving the way for ultra-low latency wireless applications.

Supermicro IoT Edge

IoT Edge computing enables local devices with computing capabilities to speed up data processing, create more robust security, and provide real-time updates on connected devices. Since the data is processed on the network edge or on-premises, latency is drastically reduced, resulting in a better experience and new opportunities.

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