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By the year 2025, humans will generate 463 exabytes of data every day. This colossal amount of data is more than any organization can handle without the help of modern computing power. Apache Hadoop is an open-source framework that helps organizations efficiently manage and store massive datasets.

Hadoop distributions like Cloudera and the Hortonworks Data Platform can save you valuable time and resources by providing an easy path to Hadoop certification. Additionally, they are enterprise-ready solutions that improve security, deployment, and ease of use. Through big data applications like these, organizations improve productivity, information sharing, IT infrastructure flexibility, automation, and more.

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Our configuration techs follow ISO 9001:2015 certified processes and strict QA standards to produce custom solutions with consistent quality results.

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Our experienced technology experts can help you design the best solution to meet your requirements for performance, cost of ownership, lifecycle management, and ROI.

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Our customers receive prompt, knowledgeable after-sales support from qualified technicians located in our U.S.-based call centers.

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We deliver advanced, high-quality custom systems at lower prices, with short lead times and the industry’s best service.

Which Enterprise and Data Solutions Are Right for You?

Big data can only be harnessed because of the advancements in computational technology. One such technology is Hadoop infrastructure, including Hadoop clusters. With Hadoop, enterprise organizations can quickly scale and work with large data sets across hundreds of servers enabling businesses to manage massive amounts of data.

In addition to being scalable, Hadoop leverages its cluster formation to make servers resilient to failure and improve performance. Servers Direct combines its engineering experience with leading-edge technologies from partners like Supermicro to provide the most advanced custom solutions on the market. Talk to an expert to find your enterprise solution today.

Fully Integrated Hadoop Cluster

Our Supermicro powered Hadoop solutions are fully integrated and optimized to help you process more data than ever before. These solutions include turnkey devices built to handle intensive applications in data science, machine learning, and enterprise environments.

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