Custom Built Servers to Meet Your Needs

Servers Direct makes it easy to architect a server system that drives the best outcomes for your organization. Choose from superior quality rack mount servers, tower servers, server workstations, PowerEdge servers, and more.

The Best Server is the One Built For You

Now you don’t have to settle for a big manufacturer’s idea of what you need in a server. At Servers Direct, you can build a special-purpose server with the same or better components as the big-name manufacturers.

Want expert help designing a high-end server? Our engineers will take time to understand your goals for performance, scalability, and lifecycle management. Then we’ll custom assemble a server to your specs with components from market-leading suppliers and ship it to you at lightning speed.

We’ll also help you save on maintenance. Our flexible service plans are often half the price of big-name contracts. You’ll get fast, expert support from qualified technicians based in most U.S. cities, plus access to a service repair depot and our 24/7 help desk.

Let us show you how Servers Direct can future-proof your organization with the smartest way to buy servers.

Server Types


Rackmount servers enable businesses to fit more computing power within a fixed footprint and scale with ease. With a modular design that supports various form factors, data center technicians can easily switch out components and increase capacity.


GPU Servers

GPU powered servers improve performance at every level by sharing CPU workloads with the GPU. The result is more consistent and predictable performance since your CPU isn’t constantly running at maximum capacity.



Workstations are enterprise-grade computing machines designed to tackle complex applications. Perfect for a variety of compute-intensive applications from CAD and 3D graphics to machine learning and AI.


IoT / Embedded

Embedded servers are designed to provide high-performance computing solutions that support IoT applications and the intelligent edge. With form factors that include IoT gateway, industrial, mini-tower, and rackmount, these servers are paving the way for a more connected future.


Unmatched Value

Servers Direct offers lower prices and the fastest lead times on custom-built servers from leading manufacturers like Supermicro and Intel, and key component suppliers like Micron, Seagate, Western Digital, AMD, NVIDIA, and more.

Best Support

Our technology experts can help configure a system that maximizes performance and minimizes costs, and they’ll be there 24/7 with the industry’s best after-sales service and support.

Trusted Partner

For nearly 30 years, Servers Direct has been the premier technology partner to enterprises and organizations of all sizes. Our customers range from application developers and scientists to leading institutions in healthcare and education. In blind surveys, our customer satisfaction scores are more than 2X higher than the industry average.

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