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HGST a Western Digital brand

Western Digital 2U24 Flash Storage Platform is a key element of next-generation Software-Defined Storage (SDS) systems. The platform balances high performance with capacity, delivering high IOPS with low latency at up to 184TB capacity

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Western Digital 2U24 Flash Storage Platform - SATA SSDs

HGST 2U24 SATA Storage Platform

SATA SSD Options

  • 11.52TB (12x 960GB) SATA SSD
  • 23.04TB (24x 960GB) SATA SSD
  • 23.04TB (12x 1.92TB) SATA SSD
  • 46.08TB (24x 1.92TB) SATA SSD
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Western Digital 2U24 Flash Storage Platform - SAS3 SSDs

HGST 2u24 SAS3 Storage Platform

SAS3 SSD Options

  • 46.08TB (12x 3.48TB) SAS SSD
  • 92.16TB (24x 3.48TB) SAS SSD
  • 92.16TB (12x 7.68TB) SAS SSD
  • 183.32TB (24x 7.68TB) SAS SSD
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Western Digital 2U24 Flash Storage Platform Highlights

Designed for Enterprise and the Cloud

The 2U24 Flash Storage Platform addresses the demanding storage needs of large enterprises and cloud service providers who require dense, shared flash storage. The Platform offers distinct features designed for today’s data centers, such as:

  • Enterprise-class high availability: hot swappable components including SSDs, I/O Modules, PSUs (integrated fans)
  • Fully upgradeable: upgradeable firmware enables drive technology and capacity updates without impacting applications
  • Support enterprise workloads including database, virtualization and scale-out configurations


  • Flash storage platform with up to 24 Ultrastar® 2.5" SAS SSD modules or 24 CloudSpeed Gen II SATA SSD modules
  • Available SSD capacities include 7.68TB, 3.84TB, 1.92TB, and 960GB
  • Start with as little as 12 SSDs; upgrade one additional module at a time
  • 2 rack units
  • Up to six 12Gb/s SAS3 connections to host
  • Up to 4.7M IOPS, 23 GB/s;
  • <1ms latency
  • Easy maintenance of SSD modules. Front accessible and hot swappable.

2U24 Flash Storage Platform

Flash Storage Platform for Software-Defined Storage

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Getting into Software-Defined Storage

What you need to know before you start

Gartner estimates that by 2020, 50% of data centers will use only Solid State Arrays for primary data. So you must start now planning and installing All-Flash SSD-based storage systems. The Western Digital 2U24 Flash Storage Platform is designed for Software-Defined Storage (SDS) infrastructures. These innovative JBOF (Just a Bunch Of Flash) systems balance performance with capacity, delivering high IOPS, and low latency at up to 184TB capacity. The Westerb Digital JBOF systems are a cost-effective way to jumpstart your migration to an All Flash datacenter migration.

We've Got Your Back Buy a 2U24 JBOF and get a 5-year warranty on the complete assembly —not just the drive module— everything is covered. Ask us How >>


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