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Nexenta Software Defined Storage

Highly Available, Unified Storage Solutions for Enterprise and Cloud Applications.

Nexenta Software Defined Storage
Intel® Xeon® inside™

Intel Inside®.
Powerful Productivity Outside.

Servers Direct partners with Supermicro and Nexenta to provide NexentaStor storage solutions. This series of optimized reference architectures (RA) are based on Supermicro's industry leading server hardware and NexentaStor, an Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage platform.

What this means for IT departments

Supermicro and Nexenta storage solutions allow enterprise IT departments to transform their storage infrastructure, increase flexibility and agility, simplify management and dramatically reduce costs without compromising availability, reliability, or functionality. Running on world-class server hardware, Supermicro and Nexenta storage solutions deliver unified file and block storage services and extremely powerful data protection capabilities.

Flexible storage solutions

Supermciro-Nexenta storage solutions are highly available and can scale from tens of terabytes to petabytes in a single set. These storage solutions are ideally suited to support demanding enterprise applications in physical or virtual infrastructure, virtual desktop infrastructure, high performance digital media applications, and large-scale archive repositories.

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Supermicro Reference Architectures for NexentaEdge

NexentaStor Solutions

Featured Systems and Infrastructure:

Reference Design Configuration - Features and Benefits

Nexenta Enterprise class storage for everyone Nexenta Rack

Industry-Leading Storage Server Hardware

  • X10 2U Ultra server platform with strong expansion capability
  • Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family processing power
  • LSI SAS3 HBA and dual channel expander backplanes
  • Multiple 10G or FC Ports for high IOPS and throughput
  • High density, high performance JBOD design
  • Titanium Level power efficiency (96%)

Unified File and Block Services

  • 10GbE NFSv3, NFSv4
  • 10GbE CIFS, SMB 2.1
  • 10GbE iSCSI
  • 8Gbps Fibre Channel

Data Availability and Integrity

  • Active/Active controllers
  • ZFS 256-bit block level checksums
  • RAID 10 and multi-parity software RAID (Z, Z2, Z3)
  • Asynchronous replication

Data Services and Optimization

  • Flash and HDD hybrid pools
  • ZFS Copy On Write
  • Unlimited writable snapshots
  • Thin provisioning
  • Inline data de-duplication and compression

Scalability and Management

  • 20TB to 1.5PB raw capacity
  • CLI and Web UI

Nexenta Reference Design

Configuration Detail

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