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Turn-Key 42U / Up to 3.45 PB Storage and 9.2TB Memory

Cluster Building Blocks

Hadoop cluster building block diagram.

1 Data Fabric
Supermicro 10GbE Switch (1-2) • 48 port 10G SFP+/10GBase-T

2 Management Network
Supermicro 1GbE Switch (1)

3 Management Node
Supermicro Intelligent Management Supermicro SuperServer 1U UP Xeon

4 Hadoop Name Nodes
Supermicro SuperServer (3) 1U DP Xeon E5-2600 v3 Hardware RAID, Redundant Power

5 Hadoop Data Nodes
Supermicro TwinPro or FatTwin (34) 2U-4U Xeon E5-2600 v3, dual 10GbE

6 Supermicro SuperRack
42U rack with Metered PDUs

Logos for Hadoop, Cloudera and Hortonworks.

Key Benefits:

  • Designed ground up with optimal server cluster configurations
  • 1 Best price/performance and price/capacity with industry leading server and storage platforms
  • Advanced architecture based on the latest technologies. e.g. Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3, SAS3, NVMe
  • Includes full cluster customization, burn-in and testing, BIOS and Firmware updates, network configurations, pre-install of the Hadoop distributions of choice, including Cloudera and Hortonworks.

7 different customized cluster configurations to deliver optimized performance for your Big Data Solutions:

  • PoC Cluster
  • Large Memory & Storage Cluster (or All-Flash Big Data)
  • High Capacity Cluster
  • Balanced Cluster
  • IO Optimized Cluster
  • Large Memory Cluster
  • High Density Compute Cluster

Servers Direct helps you leverage certified Supermicro designs. Why Are Supermicro's Turnkey Cluster Racks ideal for Apache Hadoop?  Supermicro designs and develops the ideal turnkey pilot racks for getting started with Apache Hadoop. Leveraging Supermicro's optimized servers and switches as a foundation, Supermicro has designed two turnkey racks to get anyone started - 14U and 42U versions. Supermicro has focused on integration, remote systems and power management to lower the deployment and commissioning timeframes to provide developers access to native hardware environments, quickly and easily.

Hadoop Cluster Technical Specifications: (Request for a quote for any customized specifications)

BigDATA Solution High Capacity Cluster IO Optimized Cluster High Density Compute Cluster Balanced Cluster
Data Node SSG-6029P-E1CR24L SYS-2029BT-HNR SYS-F629P3-RC0B SRS-42TP36-HADP-01
Data Node (QTY)


32 36 37
Form Factor 2U SuperStorage 2U Big Twin 4U FatTwin 1U SuperStorage
2x Xeon 4114 2P 10C/20T 2.2G 85W 2x Xeon 5118 4/2P 12C/24T 2.3G 105W 2x Xeon 6130 4/2P 16C/32T 2.1G 125W 2x  Xeon 5118 4/2P 12C/24T 2.3G 105W
128GB 192GB 256GB 128GB
24x 3.5" Bays 6x 2.5" Bays 8x 3.5" Bays 12x 3.5" Bays
Total Data Drive 432 448* 288 444
Total Cores 360 768 1152 888
Total Memory 2.3TB 6.144TB 9.2TB 4.7TB
Total Storage 3.45PB (8TB) 1.792PB (4TB) 1.15PB (4TB) 2.66PB (6TB)
Name Node 3x 1U WIO 3x 1U WIO 3x 1U WIO 3x 1U WIO
Switches 1x 48PT 25GBase-T            2x 32PT 40G 1x 48PT GbE                        1x 48PT 10G SFP+        
Cabinet (WxHxD) 42U
23.5"x 82.4"x 48"
PDU 2x 50A 208 3-Phase Metered PDU

  *ADD 32 Bay 2.5” Drives x8 JBOF = 256 NVMe


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