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Hadoop Big Data Solutions

Get Expert Guidance on Configuring Hadoop Clusters.

Hadoop Cluster Kit
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Hadoop Server

Servers Direct combines our own internal expertise along with the partnerships and engineering experience of several industry leaders to give you solid guidance in the configuration of Hadoop clusters. Whether your understanding of Hadoop infrastucture is basic or advanced, we’re ready to engage and deliver at any level and with several options.

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  • Upload specifications for a quote
  • View key whitepapers and videos
  • Utilize the turn-key system recipes
  • Explore custom Hadoop building blocks

You can also watch the Stanford University video:
"Introducing Apache Hadoop: The Modern Data Operating System"

Video: "Big Data - What is it?"

Learn Big Data

What is big data and why should you care?

Discover how innovative new technologies enable IT to use big data analytics for significant competitive advantages.

Supermicro Hadoop® Building Block & Cluster Solutions

High Performance Enterprise Apache™ Hadoop Infrastructure Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 (Haswell) Support

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Enterprise and Data Center X9 Hadoop Infrastructure

Work with Supermicro partners to optimize stage two deployments, growth and data integration platforms.

Featured Systems And Infrastructure:

Turn-key 14U / 48TB

  • 2x Name Nodes, 8x Data Nodes and 48TB Raw HDFS Capacity
  • 1x 48 Port GbE Switch, 1x Management Server and 1x PDU
  • Integrated, Cabled, Labeled, Tested, Crated and Shipped

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Turn-key 42U / up to 3.45PB storage and 9.2TB memory

  • 3x DP Xeon Scalable Name Nodes, 1x UP Management node
  • 1x 48 Port GbE Switch, 1 (or 2) GbE, 10GbE, 100GbE switches
  • SuperStorage, BigTwin or FatTwin Servers
  • Integrated, Cabled, Labeled, Tested, Crated and Shipped

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Hadoop Optimized Nodes

  • Scalable systems designed for building powerful clusters
  • Energy efficient designs that provide full system management
  • Modular approach for complete control of cluster configuration

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