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Cloud Solutions

Cost-effective solutions deliver maximum performance, stability and high efficiency.

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Cloud Solutions

Servers Direct has partnered with the industry leading hardware companies and OpenStack software firms to jointly- engineer total solutions for OpenStack. OpenStack is the proven Open Cloud Platform being adopted by service providers and enterprise private clouds enabling large scale production-ready clouds that accelerate innovation and drive down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for cloud solutions. These solutions are built on best-in-class server and storage systems that deliver broad platform choice, fast to market innovation and optimized for value, performance and efficiency.

  1. Open, modular OpenStack solutions for cloud computing
  2. Accelerate and simplify deployment and reduce risk with jointly engineered and tested OpenStack reference architectures and converged system appliances
  3. Select from the broadest portfolio of server and storage systems to develop the optimal cloud architecture
  4. Leverage tested and proven reference architectures with your choice of OpenStack software and accelerate Cloud deployment with turn-key Cloud Converged Cloud Appliances with Complete software, hardware and Services

Solutions For OpenStack

Mirantis OpenStack

Mirantis OpenStack solutions

Mirantis OpenStack is the most progressive, flexible, and open distribution, delivering core OpenStack, related projects, and third party plug-ins.

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Canonical Ubuntu OpenStack

Canonical Ubuntu Openstack solutions

The Canonical Ubuntu OpenStack installer is the easiest way to build a reference architecture OpenStack private cloud.

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Scale-Out Storage Solutions For Cloud

Ceph Storage

Ceph cloud solutions

Ceph is an open-source, massively scalable, software-defined storage platform delivering unified object and block storage.

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Nexenta Storage

nexenta cloud solutions

Supermicro-Nexenta storage solutions are highly available and can scale from tens of terabytes to petabytes in a single set.

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VMWare Storage

vmware cloud solutions

VSAN provides you with the ability to provision and manage compute, network and storage resources from a single panel of management.

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Lustre software

lustre cloud solutions

Lustre software defined file system is the Parallel file system of choice for High Performance Computing (HPC) and large file applications.

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Recommended Configurations

Compute node

Compute Nodes

Each compute node is based on Intel's latest technologies to create a high-performance, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy cloud infrastructure.

Storage node

Storage Nodes

High density, high capacity, HDD, Hybrid or All-Flash Storage Solutions for Cloud Applications.

Controller node

Controller Nodes

Each system will monitor the availability of resources on various components of the cloud infrastructure.

Network node

Network Nodes

Systems feature a connection point, a redistribution point, or a communication endpoint.

Network Switches

Network Switches

Offers the latest in cost-effective Top-of-Rack Ethernet switching technology, and management switches for your cloud computing needs.

Server Management Software

Server Management Software

This software provides monitors and management with a wide portfolio across multiple servers within a single console.


Custom Solutions Start with Servers Direct

Servers Direct is a premier provider of advanced build-to-order solutions for use in enterprise, data centers, education, government, and the private sector. Our collaborative approach ensures that you get custom solutions that are in balance with your performance, budget, and timing requirements. We take the time to understand your unique needs and constraints in order to design the best overall solution and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Talk with one of our experts about specialized solutions available in:

  • OpenStack
  • Ceph Object Storage
  • Spectrum Accelerate
  • Nexenta Solutions
  • EVO: RAIL Solutions
  • Virtual SAN
  • Network Fabric
  • OpenStack Distribution
    • Red Hat
    • Mirantis


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