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Intel® Xeon® inside™

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Rackmount Servers


Offer exceptional flexibility and outstanding feature advantages.

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Supermicro Servers


Supermicro platforms configured and tested to meet your exact specifications.

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Intel Xeon Scalable Servers


Advanced servers using new Intel® Xeon® Scalable, E5-2600 v4 ,and E3-1200 v6 CPUs.

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High Density Servers

High Density

Increased computing capacity with minimized power and space consumption.

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GPU Servers


Parallel processing architecture to harness complex computational problems.

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Blade Servers


Optimized power, performance and manageability in a modular rack design.

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Pedestal Servers


Multi-purpose server configurations optimized for non rack deployments.

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Ultra Servers

Ultra Servers

Ultra offers the most powerful, versitile, general purpose server should offer.

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Ready-To-Ship Servers


Popular systems and configurations are pre-built, stocked and ready to ship today.

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Custom Server Solutions

We can help you architect a server solution that takes your budgetary constraints, performance requirements, and lifecycle planning needs into account. Our deep vendor relationships ensure that you have access to the latest technologies from leading component vendors such as Intel, LSI, Seagate, ASUS, SuperMicro and many more. Also, with Servers Direct you won't end up buying components that reach end-of-life before you are ready to replace them.

There is no need to buy off-the-shelf servers anymore just because of the perceived complexity of custom solutions. With a trusted partner at your side and purpose-built servers that precisely meet your needs, you can proudly announce that you have a server deployment architected, built out, and ready to go.


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