Unify Your Systems With Supermicro Powered Azure Stack HCI

Most organizations run a three-tier architecture in their data center consisting of computing power, storage, and network. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) turns this three-tier architecture into a unified, software-defined system. HCI leverages software and x86 servers to eliminate the need for purpose-built hardware, decreasing costs, and increasing capabilities.

Why choose Azure Stack HCI

Purpose-built servers aren’t agile enough to meet today’s application demands. Improvements in CPU, memory, storage, and SSD technology make it possible to converge your technology to run on x86 servers, giving you unprecedented flexibility. 

Hyperconvergence solutions help reduce capital expenditures by allowing you to run everything on x86 servers instead of proprietary hardware. Additionally, by unifying everything in the server, maintenance and administrative control become much more manageable. 

Supermicro now offers Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions built on industry-leading, Intel-based X11 and AMD EPYC-based H11 NVMe, All-flash, and Hybrid systems, as well as Microsoft’s latest Storage Spaces Direct feature in Windows Server 2019.

Azure Stack HCI enables organizations to achieve a cloud-like experience on-premises with more control and better security. Are you ready to give HCI a try? Our team can help you choose the right hardware to power your data center.


Unmatched Value

Servers Direct offers lower prices and the fastest lead times on custom built servers from leading manufacturers like Supermicro and Intel, and key component suppliers like Micron, Seagate, Western Digital, AMD, NVIDIA, and more.


Best Support

Our technology experts can help configure a system that maximizes performance and minimizes costs, and they’ll be there 24/7 with the industry’s best after-sales service and support.


Trusted Partner

For nearly 30 years, Servers Direct has been the premier technology partner to enterprises and organizations of all sizes. Our customers range from application developers and scientists to leading institutions in healthcare and education. In blind surveys, our customer satisfaction scores are more than 2X higher than the industry average.

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