Get Speed, Density, and Value With Micron Storage

Micron storage solutions are built on four pillars of quality: reliability, performance, scalability, and efficiency. Its high-end SSD technology is NVMe ready and perfect for mission-critical cloud and data center workloads.

Today’s data center needs to perform at a high level to keep up with applications in machine learning, AI, healthcare, and big data. Micron all-flash drives range from powerful performance drives with over 15TB of capacity to lower density mainstream drives.

Are Micron Storage Solutions Right for You?

High-performance storage has transformed data centers and cloud operations with fast IOPs, low latency, and better quality of service. Micron’s SSDs help CIOs, data center architects, and other IT professionals keep up with the immense amounts of data being processed today.

To truly harness the power of big data, organizations need storage that can process data at increasingly faster speeds. Only then can business leaders extract valuable insights and turn that analysis into action. 

Micron combines incredible performance with affordable storage options to help data centers over-deliver while meeting organizational budgets. With options like self-encrypting drives and SSDs designed to reduce power consumption, Micron has storage options for every use case.

Are you looking for storage solutions that will help you grow your enterprise? Servers Direct can help you find the right design to meet your performance, capacity, and efficiency needs. Talk to one of our experts today.

Micron Solutions by Platform

Unmatched Value

Servers Direct offers lower prices and the fastest lead times on custom built servers from leading manufacturers like Supermicro and Intel, and key component suppliers like Micron, Seagate, Western Digital, AMD, NVIDIA, and more.

Best Support

Our technology experts can help configure a system that maximizes performance and minimizes costs, and they’ll be there 24/7 with the industry’s best after-sales service and support.

Trusted Partner

For nearly 30 years, Servers Direct has been the premier technology partner to enterprises and organizations of all sizes. Our customers range from application developers and scientists to leading institutions in healthcare and education. In blind surveys, our customer satisfaction scores are more than 2X higher than the industry average.

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