Micron NVME Technology

Designing Your Next-Generation Data Center with Micron NVMe Technology

Micron NVME

NVMe has become the preferred way to connect SSDs to servers, via multiple form factors (like U.3, M.2, and EDSFF). When your customer’s organization asks for better performance from real-time applications and for more storage flexibility, NVMe SSD storage should be the first step. Cut through the industry noise with Micron, a global storage leader.

And it’s not just the largest companies or those with the most complex data centers who are investing in storage technology innovation to make best use of these resources. Modernizing legacy IT has become a critical and savvy move for medium and smaller business as well. That’s why Micron solid state drives (SSDs) with NVM ExpressTM (NVMeTM) make good business sense.

Micron SSDs with NVMe, offered in industry leading storage densities, provide strong security and performance at a compelling value for businesses of all sizes. And, with Micron’s approach, SSDs are optimized for key workloads and applications.

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