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High performance servers on a university budget

High performance servers on a budget

Universities are faced with a unique dilemma. With ever growing data sets, there is a greater need for high-performing server hardware to support it. However, since university researchers rely on grants and tight budget restrictions to fund projects, the price tag for off-the-shelf servers can be a roadblock. So while researchers are focused on getting maximum value for their investment, they often find themselves having to compromise with off-the-shelf solutions, settling for lack of performance or overspending for components and capabilities they do not need.

And when the time comes to refresh servers due to increase data sets, the entire process starts over again.

Enter the customized server, a cost-effective solution for servers that are configured to meet the specialized needs to university research, both today and in the future.

As university researchers continue to face daily pressure to develop a solution or plan to support data growth, they should consider the following trends:

  • The big data explosions – expanding data means more computing power and since it is estimated that the world’s data doubles every 18 month, university researchers need scalable and secure servers that fit within their budget.
  • Virtualization – single servers can be used for multiple applications, allowing universities to get more out of a single server and allocate resources accordingly, enabling universities to stretch their budgets even further with the right hardware.
  • The move to the cloud – adopt cloud technology in order to increase flexibility and drive down technology costs.

When you're ready to learn more about custom configurable servers and why they are the right solution for high-performance computing on a university budget, Servers Direct is here to help. Download a whitepaper/article/infographic here or contact a Servers Direct representative today at (800) 576-7931 for more information.

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