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Supermicro Fat Twin Servers Now Available!

I'm always amazed with the ever increasing density of servers our partners like Supermicro are able to cram into a standard rack.

The new Fat Twin 8 node servers pack quite a mighty punch when it comes to delivering high performance workloads in a data center.

Each node can be configured with dual Intel XEON e5-2600v3 processors, up to 512GB ECC DDR4 memory in 8 dimm sockets, a PCIe x16 slot for your favorite RAID controller card, dual gigabit ethernet ports, two 3.5″ hard drives, and 1620 watt redundant power supplies.

The supported CPU’s can be up to 18 cores each, so with a fully loaded 16 of them you’re talking about a whopping 288 cores of power in a single chassis. That’s a whole lot of processing that can be happening in your data center.

Best of all, the price/performance ratio is one of the best in the industry. Check out our server configurator and you can quote one for yourself or drop me an email and I can help create a custom quote for you.

If you want to see what it’s like to configure a server similar to this one, I found this time lapse video that shows you what it looks like to configure and install one in a data center. Although we highly recommend that you wear shoes while doing this in your environment.

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