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What's the latest with the Cloud? 5 Trends to follow.

latest cloud trends

The cloud has been around for years and it’s not going anywhere soon. In fact, with the data boom, IT departments are looking to the cloud as another option to support and protect data. But with new technology, there is sometimes confusion about which trends to follow and ignore. If you are new to the cloud or are a veteran simply looking to gain additional insight, consider the following trends:

1. ITs impact on cloud security
Security is no doubt vital to the cloud, so it makes sense why IT must play a critical role in the transition to the cloud. Since cloud vendors support, test and apply security patches quickly, this poses a challenge for internal IT departments to update the security software. As ITs comfort level increases with security and its updates, the more time IT will have to focus on maintaining the physical hardware and other initiatives like prototyping cloud data ecosystems.

2. Analytics – no longer applies to just cloud data
Not too long ago, cloud analytics only focused on cloud data. But with the increase in data, analytics are now supporting both cloud data and on-premises data. While it can be argued that cloud database adoption is higher than expected, according to datanami, cloud data has yet to catch up to files and relational databases, but cloud data is closing the gap.

3. More virtualized servers in the public and private cloud
While the customer is still responsible for the management and administration of virtual machines, hosted environments offered by infrastructure as a service is another alternative to setting up physical servers. In fact, according to Gartner, the number of virtual machines in on-premises private clouds has tripled. On the other hand, the number of virtualized machines in the public cloud is nearly six times that of private clouds.

4. Falling platform prices from cloud vendors
Competition is the norm in the business world and the same can be said for cloud computing. For major cloud platforms such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft who are constantly adjusting their platform prices to gain an upper hand, this can be a great advantage for companies leveraging the cloud. 

5. All cloud formations will not succeed
Trends come and go and the cloud is no different. While some cloud formations may not succeed due to various reasons, there are those which will take off. With innovation of winning solutions, early adopters of the cloud will flock to these new ideas, prompting the solution to soar in popularity.

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