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Why Choose ASUS Servers?

Trusted Brand: Build your server around a trusted brand name with over 20 years of industry experience in nearly every area of Information Technology. 

Competitively priced: Feature-rich functionality makes ASUS a perfect fit for demanding SMB and enterprise environments where performance is needed and price is a concern. 

Remote Management: ASWM Enterprise web-based interface gives system administrators greater ability to monitor and manage servers.

Featured systems and product guides:

  Asus SDR-RS300-E8 server datasheet  » download pdf

•  Asus SDR-RS700-E7-RS8 server datasheet  » download pdf

•  Asus SDR-RS700-X7-PS4 server datasheet  » download pdf

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ASUS ESC4000 G3 2U 4-GPU Server
ASUS ESC4000 G3 2U 4-GPU Server

ASUS ESC4000 G3 2U 4-GPU Server, Dual E5-2600 v3/v4, 16 DDR4 DIMMs, 8x 3.5" hot-swap bays 2000W/1620W RPSU



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