Custom designed systems ensure the perfect
balance of performance, value and functionality.

  Don't settle for "off-the-shelf".       FEATURED SOLUTIONS:
Servers Direct is a premier provider of advanced build-to-order solutions for use in enterprise, data centers, education, government, and the private sector. Our collaborative approach ensures that you get custom solutions that are in balance with your performance, budget, and timing requirements. We take the time to understand your unique needs and constraints in order to design the best overall solution and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Talk with one of our experts about specialized solutions available in:

            • Cloud  
            • OpenStack
            • Ceph  
            • Lustre
            • Nexenta
            • GPU

            • NVIDIA GRID VID
            • VMware  
            • Hadoop BigData
            • Workstations

            • Xeon PHI 

Intel VSAN Ready Nodes

Intel Virtual SAN (VSAN) Ready Nodes

Accelerating the path to private cloud with SDS and VMware VSAN Ready Nodes from Intel

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Cloud Rack

High Performance Enterprise Apache Hadoop

Fully-validated, per-configured SKUs optimized for Hadoop solutions

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  Openstack Topology Diagram 
Open, modular OpenStack Solutions for Cloud Computing

Select from the broadest portfolio of server and storage systems to develop the optimal cloud architecture
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Cloud_racks  Cloud Solutions  
Flexible and scalable compute and storage solutions for both public and private clouds See cloud solutions>
Cloud_racks  Virtualization Solutions
Each configuration profile provides a differentiated price/performance focus, targeting multiple use case requirements  See Virtualization solutions>
hadoop.png  Hadoop BigData
Tap into the expertise of industry leaders for guidance on configuring Hadoop clusters See Hadoop BigData solutions>


42U_rack  Nexenta Solutions
Nexenta storage solution is a series of optimized reference architectures based on the industry leading server hardware and Nexenta's innovative Software Defined Storage Platform See Nexenta solutions>
GPU Server  NVIDIA GRID VDI Solutions
NVIDIA GRID VDI technology are targeted at knowledge workers and power users with the K1 models while the K2 and M60-based models are optimized for designers and engineers See NVIDIA GRID VDI solutions>
datacenter  Datacenter Solutions
Reliable and manageable solutioins designed to optimize performance and maximize uptime See Datacenter solutions>