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What to Look for in Servers for Point-of-Sale Systems

(11/29/2017) By Steve Grady, VP Customer Solutions

Hospitality and retail companies face numerous hardware challenges in their highly competitive and ever-changing environments. They need highly-configurable and cost-effective point-of-sale (POS) systems that are secure and reliable. In selecting the right server for their POS system, they should look for...

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Servers for point-of-sales systems

Break Vendor Lock-in Using White Box Management


Dispelling the Management Myth Today, many organizations have grown accustomed to the hardware layer management interface sold by traditional brand-name legacy server manufacturers which in turn have provided vendor lock-in mechanisms to keep customers hooked. Hardware layer management is a key tool for system administrators that has traditionally come as...

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How to Buy Servers Like a Mega Data Center


IT professionals of small and medium businesses (SMBs) will learn how SMBs can change the infrastructure of their existing data center, whether it consists of 5 or 50 servers, so that it can behave like a mega data center. Transforming a data center will no doubt mean that an IT...

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Diagram of OEM vs Custom Built Servers

Dense GPU Server Configurations


Equus delivers market leading high density GPU configurations using the latest NVIDIA and Intel Xeon Phi™ technologies. Equus continues to enable a highly scalable, energy efficient future for parallel computing with our latest supercomputing solution. Utilizing our expertise in maximizing compute density, performance and power efficiency, Equus has configured the...

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Diagram of high density gpu configuration

VMware vSAN Appliance Solution Summary


Companies who want to run a virtualized environment on VMware have several hardware options available to them. These include Traditional Systems, Converged Infrastructures, and Hyper-Converged Appliances. The pros and cons of each option are highlighted. Cost-effective custom White Box HyperConverged configurations are detailed in the Summary Table. Traditional System Infrastructures...

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VMWare vSAN appliance solution summary chart

Multimedia And Personal Devices Driving Need For Denser Storage Solutions

(10/20/2017) By Tim Poor, VP Application Engineering

New technologies offer massive performance improvements — but at what cost? Storage capacity demands for all types of organizations continue to increase dramatically every year — many are now reporting a doubling of data in less than a year. No one in the industry is taking any bets on that...

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Multimedia and personal devices require denser storage

Advantages of Custom Server Solutions

(10/20/2017) By Steve Grady, VP Customer Solutions

IT buyers often find it time-consuming to purchase servers given the many available technology options, physical configurations and prices. A variety of computer vendors sell off-the-shelf servers aimed at broad categories of buyers. The other major option is custom server vendors where buyers can build servers that...

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Customer server solutions

SERVERS: High performance servers on a university budget

Universities are faced with a unique dilemma. With ever growing data sets, there is a greater need for high-performing server hardware to support it. However, since university researchers rely on grants and tight budget restrictions to fund projects, the price tag for off-the-shelf servers can be a roadblock. So while researchers are focused on...

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High performance servers on a university budget

SERVERS: Why all the excitement surrounding virtualization?

Server virtualization is the single most effective way for businesses to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility. It is the portioning of a physical server into multiple virtual servers to help maximize server resources. In other words, each virtual server can...

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The future of virtualization

SERVERS: Intel's "Skylake" processor family is coming soon.

Intel is at it again! The technology-based leader is nearly ready to release its new "Skylake" processor technology that is based on its tick or tock manufacturing and design model. To learn about Intel processor advantages and technologies, contact your Servers Direct sales rep today.

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Intel Skylake processor family coming soon

SERVERS: 28-point checklist for maintaining a healthy server environment.

Whether your data center contains only a handful of servers or somewhere north of 100, servers are at the core of your business, so it makes sense why you would want to do everything possible to ensure your servers are operating at peak performance...

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Checklist for maintaining a healthy server farm

SERVERS: What's the latest with the Cloud? 5 Trends to follow.

The cloud has been around for years and it's not going anywhere soon. In fact, with the data boom, IT departments are looking to the cloud as another option to support and protect data. But with new technology, there is sometimes confusion about which trends to follow and ignore. If you are new to the cloud or are a veteran simply looking to gain additional insight, consider the following...

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5 cloud trends to follow

SERVERS: 5 steps for reducing energy costs in your server environment

If there's one thing that will keep you up at night, it's addressing the question of how to best reduce energy costs in your data center. While there's no single blueprint for an energy efficiency strategy that will work across all data centers, if you follow the steps below, you could address a significant amount of the energy waste in...

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Reduce energy costs on your servers

SERVERS: Revolutionizing the data center: a new way to save time, money and space

As an IT professional or data center manager, you are faced with challenges day in and day out, ranging from maintaining availability to maximizing server capacity, but few things stand out as much as...

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Ways to save time, money and space in your data center

SERVERS: New Supermicro solutions leverage Red Hat Enterprise and OpenStack Platforms for cloud infrastructure

At the Red Hat Summit in San Jose, CA, Supermicro announced open source solutions for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ceph and OpenStack platforms...

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SERVERS: New Powerful Server Graphics Will Enable Supermicro MicroBlades to Become Workstations in the Cloud

At Computex in Taiwan, Supermicro announced some awesome new technology. Implementing the new Intel® Xeon® processors, Supermicro continues to make strides with the latest MicroBlade servers. By combining the latest Intel processors with...

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SERVERS: Supermicro Fat Twin Servers Now Available!

I'm always amazed with the ever increasing density of servers our partners like Supermicro are able to cram into a standard rack.

The new Fat Twin 8 node servers pack quite a mighty punch when it comes to delivering high performance workloads in a data center.

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SERVERS: New Supermicro TwinPro2 Offers Four Different Servers In Only Three and a Half Inches of Rack Space!

This week Servers Direct introduced a new quad-node server from Supermicro. I know it may not seem like revolutionary technology any more, as we've been selling multi-node servers for quite some time now. But it still never ceases to amaze me on exactly how much power companies like Intel and Supermicro are able to engineer into such a small space.

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SERVERS: Intel "Wildcat Pass" 2U Server

Our product managers have been super impressed with the capabilities of the new Intel "Wildcat Pass" 2u server featuring an Intel S2600WT2 motherboard and supporting dual Intel XEON e5-2600v3 CPU's, sixteen 2.5 inch hot-swap drives, Dual 1-Gbe LAN ports, up to 3.0 TB of DDR4 memory in 24 DIMM sockets, and 1100W redundant power supplies. It has 8 PCIe slots for items like Intel® Xeon Phi™...

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Intel Wildcat Pass 2U server

STORAGE: SATA vs SAS – What you need to know

By now, you've heard a thing or two about SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI), but do you really know how these differ and why one option is better than another when it comes to specific applications?

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SATA vs SAS - what you need to know


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