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Microsoft Solutions for Enterprise and Client Computing

Get the most out of Windows Server

Windows Server 2019 connects your local network to Azure for added security and updated applications and infrastructure.

Windows Server 2019 Brief »

Servers Direct partners with Microsoft to create hybrid solutions with Azure

Combine capabilities with Azure

Use your datacenter with Azure to get the most for your money and create hybrid capabilities.

Servers Direct partners with Microsoft to create advanced multilayered security

Multilayer security

Leverage your operating system security to protect your datacenter.

Servers Direct partners with Microsoft to create faster innovations for applications

Adapt and create apps, fast

Create cloud-native apps and modernize old apps using containers and microservices.

Servers Direct partners with Microsoft to create unprecedented hyper-converged infrastructure

New hyper-converged infrastructure

Update your datacenter infrastructure for more secure and efficient processing.

It's time to upgrade to a modern Windows 10 Pro device

Windows 7 may still be performing well, but it was introduced nearly a decade ago. Technology has matured a lot, so if you're still using Windows 7, your business isn't taking advantage of everything Windows has to offer.

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Windows 10 Pro

Servers Direct and Windows 10 Pro - the most security protection

Built-in security

New Windows 10 Pro devices offer free comprehensive safeguards. Protect your business from cyber threats with the latest and best digital security.

Servers Direct and Windows 10 Pro - get more done

Be more productive

New devices feature faster startups, longer battery life, and lighter builds so you can work on the go. Working on several projects at once? Windows 10 can handle all of your multitasking.

Servers Direct and Windows 10 Pro - easy integration with infrastructure

Simple integration

Our migration tools let you preview how your current apps will work on Windows 10. Windows 10 will integrate seamlessly with your existing computers, monitors, and printers. Keep your LoB apps and get total support for virtualizations.

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